Public Art in the Heart of Bridgeland

The Wishing Well sculpture finds a new home in Bridgeland!
November 28, 2022

Bridgeland is now home to The Wishing Well sculpture - a beautiful, interactive, sculpture by San Francisco's Living Lenses (Louise Bertelsen and Po Shu Wang). The gigantic 2,220 kg is located in front of the Bridge at Bridgeland - JEMM Properties’ newest multi-family rental property and retail plaza.

Compose beautiful audio and visuals by texting a message to 1-587-327-9939. Your words will be processed into braille text dots which are then sent to a virtual music box. This music box contains the recorded voices of your neighbours and it will interpret your words into melody – singing your message back to you. Your message will also be translated into a colour pattern of lights. This is a community wishing well where your words become music to your ears and colours to your eyes. You are both the composer and the audience of this ongoing symphony of light and sound.

In March 2021, Calgary Arts Development was announced as the new operator for Calgary's public art program. The City of Calgary will continue to work with Calgary Arts Development to gradually transition the operations of the program including community programming, calls for artists, community engagement and the procurement of new public art over the course of three years. Full transition will be complete in 2024.

Be sure to venture over to the Bridge to compose your own light and sound show - snap a photo or video and tag @inbridgeland on Twitter and Instagram!