Kelly Mandeville

Work It Out...doors!

Here’s how to enjoy the beautiful summer weather while you break a little sweat:
December 10, 2021

If you’re a true Calgarian, you’re willing to enjoy patio weather… in December. It’s an unwritten rule that we have to enjoy hot weather when we have it, but let’s be honest, you can’t spend all of the warm days sitting on patios. The good news? There are plenty out-of-doors options to keep you movin’, right here in Bridgeland!

Here’s how to enjoy the beautiful summer weather while you break a little sweat:

Bridgeland Yoga

Pose in the park with Bridgeland Yoga - the volunteer based yoga class that’s offered by-donation! Operating from Monday - Friday from 6pm - 7pm in Murdoch Park, Bridgeland Yoga is the perfect way to get some fresh air, instead of nama-staying at home.

People laying in the grass doing yoga

Move to Move

Move to Move is a Calgary-based rehabilitation clinic and movement studio that offers Outdoor Movement classes in Bridgeland. From a guided warm up to targeted mobility and strength training, Move to Move will help you find balance in a fun and interactive way. Head to to book your next class!

Run the Stairs

With a breathtaking view of downtown Calgary, there’s plenty of motivation to start at the bottom and work your way to the top! The hillside staircase at the end of 6th Street NE is a great little climb with a very rewarding view! Bridgeland Park is just at the top of the hill - the perfect spot to grab a post-climb stretch.

Run, ride, or walk the Riverside

The beautiful Bow-River sets the scene for a great workout! St. Patrick’s Island Park has plenty of space to run, walk, cycle, or skate your way around downtown Calgary!

Wee Wild Ones

If you’re searching for a childcare option that’ll lead your little ones into the great outdoors, check out Wee Wild Ones. They offer programs for children aged 1 - 10 years old - from child care and before/ after school care to seasonal camps and music camps.

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