Bridgeland Advanced Gynecology

Personal Services

Bridgeland Advanced Gynecology is an association of two independent specialist physicians, and one specialist physician completing a surgical fellowship in advanced and minimally invasive gynecologic surgery. All physicians are primarily based out of the Peter Lougheed Centre, and are affiliated with the University of Calgary.

Bridgeland Advanced Gynecology provides modern, up-to-date, and minimally invasive gynecologic care. Its physicians focus on endometriosis (including excisional surgery), fibroids, abnormal uterine & heavy menstrual bleeding, advanced hysteroscopy, and complex pelvic pathology. Obstetrical (pregnancy-related) services are also provided (Dr. Sanders only).

Bridgeland Advanced Gynecology is your first choice for modern & minimally invasive gynecologic care in Calgary. We look forward to working with you on your path towards health and well-being!